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September 15, 2019

Why You Need to Launch Your Blog After Writing The First Post

What’s the perfect amount of blog posts to write before launching your blog?

This one’s easy, it’s ONE. Launch your blog right now! Why? Let’s go over the reasons to stop procrastinating and launch immediately.

No One Will Read Your First Dozen Blog Posts!

Getting traffic to your blog is hard and will take time even if you wrote the greatest blog post in the world. Search engines take months at a minimum to start showing that content to people en-masse.

The only other way your blog post would get traffic is by actively promoting it. If your website isn’t ready for primetime yet, simply don’t promote the content until it is.

Won’t My Blog Look Unprofessional With Only 1 Post?

Assuming anybody visited your site, yes.

what your blog will look like after 1 day

But as we just went over, no one is going to visit your blog. And even if someone did visit…

  1. They won’t remember it a month from now after your site’s re-design. Very few people bother to read a domain name, let alone remember it for more than 5 seconds.
  2. Most visitors never get past the landing page. Meaning very few people will even notice your site only has 1 post.
  3. There are billions of people on the Internet. A dozen people having a bad experience in month 1 is totally irrelevant.

Launch Your Blog Because Google Takes Forever To Trust Your Site

Google’s job is to return relevant results to its user’s search queries. One of the biggest challenges to doing that is weeding out spam. And one of the ways Google weeds out spam is by placing all new domains into the Google Sandbox.

If you wait 12 weeks to write a dozen posts before you launch. You just signed yourself up for an extra 3 months in the Google Sandbox. You’re slowing down your own progress by not getting your content on the Internet ASAP.

And let’s be honest, it’ll take you longer than 3 months to write the first dozen posts because…

You’re Procrastinating By Not Launching Your Blog

I’m totally going to go to the gym… You know tomorrow. Or after the Holidays. And after eat all the leftover Halloween candy.

Not launching your blog is pure procrastination. Maybe you really will get to it tomorrow, maybe you won’t. Don’t risk it. Launch today and now you’re blogging.

I know it’s scary to put yourself out there. Particularly with a website that isn’t finished and you don’t exactly feel proud of quite yet. But that’s where we all start. Take the leap. Once you’re in the pool, it only gets easier.

Work on the site a little bit every single day. An hour here an hour there. I promise you after several months of doing this, you’ll have something that you do feel proud of. It takes time and consistent effort.

Procrastinating is Fear-based

When I talk to new bloggers. They’re usually busy blowing a very minor thing out of proportion. We’ve been over the whole “what if my site doesn’t look professional” thing. But I hear the following a ton as well.

  1. What if I get sued?
  2. What if my blog isn’t GDPR compliant?
  3. What if my content isn’t good enough?
  4. What if I need to learn every little thing about this before I do anything?

These are all excuses and completely irrational.

A list of lame excuses

With zero traffic, nobody is going to sue you. Particularly the EU for not following GDPR guidelines. Slowly chip away at adding privacy policies. Don’t slander anybody or steal other people’s content or images. You’ll be fine.

Doubting yourself and needing to know everything before taking any action. That’s procrastinating at it’s finest. You learn by doing. You’re going to make mistakes, and that’s OK. We all fail at aspects of this along the way. But, never trying is by far the worst way to fail.

You Get Better at Blogging by Blogging

Your first blog post will take the longest to write and be one of the worst you’ll ever produce.

My first couple of posts each took me 2 months to write. And they’re not my best posts.

But then the next few only took me 2 weeks each. After that, I was getting posts out weekly. Now I could write posts bi-weekly if I wanted to. The quality improves with each post as well.

Starting is the hardest part. That’s the reason to launch your blog now as opposed to 10 weeks from now. Your chances of success have skyrocketed by hitting publish and going live.

Once your site is live and real people have the ability to see it, you’ll feel very motivated to make it better. This is a very good thing.

Don’t Put Your Blog On A Pedestal

If you write 10-20 articles, then launch your blog. You likely built up some false narratives along the way about what your big launch will be like. I can tell you exactly what it will be like…


Remember rule 1. Nobody will visit your blog at first. It takes time for search engines to find you no matter how great your content is. It takes time to learn how to promote your content. You will launch your blog and end up in the same place as the guy who launched with 1 post.

A person surprised by what their blog looks like after 1 day.

That has to feel demotivating for somebody who built this up in their head to be this epic launch day. It might hurt your ego enough to decide to quit blogging altogether. All this after only one day!

Don’t do this!! Blogging is a long-con not a get rich quick scheme. We’re talking consistent effort over several months to several years. Not one big push and then you’re all done.

Start now, release stuff when it’s ready, and traffic will trickle in. Improve on the go. It will take a while, but with consistent effort, you’ll get there.

Don’t Focus on Promoting Your Blog At First

There are a lot of Internet marketers out there that say you should spend 80% of your time on promotion and 20% of your time on content creation.

For Neil Patel? A guy who has over 400 blog posts, over 100 YouTube videos, a Software as a service monetization strategy, and a massive social media following? Maybe spending 80% of his time promoting his content makes sense for him.

For you? You probably don’t have any Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, or email followers. If you “promote” your first blog post on social media, you’re likely to get that post in front of 0 people.

A person asking for blog visitors in the middle of nowhere.

You likely don’t have a product built yet. So even if you had experience running Facebook or Pinterest ads, you couldn’t set up a profitable funnel. So ads aren’t a great way to promote your content either.

Promotion is something that you’ll have to build to. It takes time to get a social media following. It takes time to learn how to write compelling copy. Not every post you write will lend itself to going viral on social media or advertisements.

Bloggers who go down the promotion rabbit hole tend to get overwhelmed. Let me simplify things for you. For now, the following things are the most impactful things that you can work on.

  1. Get in a routine with writing blog posts. Can you get it to weekly? Faster than weekly? Can you improve the quality of your posts simultaneously?
  2. Improve your website a little bit each day if you know how to code. If not, find the optimal WordPress theme for you and move on.
  3. Add attractive social media share buttons to your website.
  4. Set up your email list and add an attractive lead magnet to encourage people to subscribe.
  5. Try to create a product you can sell on your blog.

Until you’ve done all these things, I personally wouldn’t bother worrying about promoting your blog in any way whatsoever. Just keep writing. And launch your blog already!!

When Shaun Poore was starting his blog he wasn't sure whether to write the first several posts first before putting the site on the Internet. After all, who wants to visit an empty blog? However, after a deep dive Shaun realized there are several reasons for launching your blog the second there's any content on it whatsoever.