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Is Blogging Worth It? 7 Ways Blogging Feels Fulfilling

Blogging ain’t easy.

You’ll write your first 50 posts, and regardless of quality, they won’t bring in much traffic. Massive traffic is reserved for bigger sites, with lots of links, that have been around for a long time.

Which feels depressing. You can spend an entire year of your life posting epic weekly blog posts and have very little to show for it at the end of the day. Was it all worth it?

I think it is. Here are 7 reasons blogging is fulfilling regardless of your bottom-line traffic numbers.

1) Blogging is a Creative Outlet

The other day I did a deep dive on how quantum computers actually worked, and I thought it was so cool! The problem? Nobody else in my life gave a shit. I had to keep all that info I had acquired to myself.

Quantum computers aren’t even my niche. It just felt good to get all of that knowledge out of my brain. And it feels good to know that people interested in the subject can now find that content online (when it didn’t exist just a few days earlier). I feel like I’ve added to humanities tree of knowledge.

This is what I love most about blogging. I enjoy creating things. Some blog posts will generate thousands of clicks per month and fuel my business. Others won’t, and that’s OK. I feel happy flexing my creative muscles every time I sit down regardless.

2) Blogging Helps Consolidate Your Thoughts

When you attempt to explain quantum computing to another person, you’ll inevitably realize that you don’t understand the subject as well as you thought you did. This happens to me over and over again while blogging.

But, with enough repetition, you do slowly gain knowledge on the topic. You invent simpler ways to write about it. This helps you think about the subject more clearly. And eventually, you’ll be able to have better vocal conversations on the topic without missing a beat.

Whether it be why you should film in log, finding music for your YouTube videos, Sony A7Siii settings, etc. I’m smarter about these subjects after blogging about them, which helps me in my day-to-day life. Sometimes learning this stuff is a bigger gift than the traffic I get from the post.

3) Blogging Makes You a Better Writer.

For my entire adult life, I was insecure about my writing.

Well, until around the age of 35, when I started blogging. After pushing 200,000+ words through Grammarly, I feel like I’ve got the hang of it. And more than grammar, writing is about communicating effectively. Who gives a shit about if your grammar is correct when another person isn’t grasping what you’re saying?

Writing good copy is one of the most valuable skills you can have in life. It will help your blog, it will help you at work, it’ll help you with marketing when the time comes. It is a skill with significant financial impacts on your life.

4) Blogging Makes You More Efficient With Your Time

My first blog post took me about 2 weeks to write. At that rate, it’d take me 7-10 YEARS to write the 200-300 posts needed to replace the income at my full-time job.

traffic needed for full time income graphic

That rate simply wasn’t fast enough. But the only way to speed things up was to write blog posts faster (or outsource, but I had no money at the time). So I found ways to be more productive, I put myself on a blogging schedule. After that, I was writing two posts a week with time to spare.

Meaning I’ll write 312 posts every 3 years. More than enough posts to be earning a full-time income. By practicing efficiency, I’ve become more efficient at everything in my life. It’s a gift.

5) A Successful Blog Brings a Constant Sense of Optimism

I was getting almost zero traffic after my first year of blogging. And I think it hurt my soul a little bit because of all the effort I was putting in. By year two the traffic started coming in, and I was hitting nearly 20,000 pageviews every month.

In my professional life, I paid huge sums of money to go to college. After that, I worked for 15+ years as a software engineer. My salary got pretty high by the end. And my blog surpassed it in less than 4 years of blogging. Truly miraculous.

The blog didn’t make large sums of money back when it first hit 20,000 pageviews a month. But, given my traffic trajectory, I knew where this was headed. That gave me an unbridled sense of optimism in years 2 through 4 of the blog. Hope is our most powerful emotion, and I was filled with it throughout that time.

6) It’s Genuinely Cool That People Are Reading Your Blog

Do you know how cool it is to see 100,000 people read something that you put a ton of effort into and are genuinely passionate about?

It felt cool back when 1,000 or even 100 people were reading my work. In real life, zero people give a shit about the type of stuff I post online. But through Google, I’m able to get it in front of people who are genuinely interested in the subject. They’re incredibly grateful for the info, and I’m happy I was able to help so many people out.

That’s a very cool perk to starting a blog. It feels fulfilling.

7) Blogging Forces You To Learn New Skills

It’s virtually impossible to start a blogging empire without getting better at the following things.

Graphic Design

I’m not a professional graphic designer by any means. That said, I can whip up graphics in Canva to get my point across in about 10 seconds. This is something I flat-out couldn’t do when I started blogging. And it’s a skill that comes in handy all the time. On the blog, at work, other places I wouldn’t expect. It’s a great skill to have.


I don’t plan to work as a full-time SEO anytime soon. That said, you can’t run a successful blog and have no clue how SEO works. You’d go insane if you wrote 50 posts, got no traffic, wrote another 50 posts, then repeated.

nobody knows whats on page 2 of google

To avoid that cycle from repeating, you will begin to obsess over SEO. Obsess over SEO long enough, and you’ll inevitably start to get good at it. Some of you will inevitably get better than the so-called pros out there.

Marketing / CopyWriting

You can’t become a professional blogger without getting better at writing. It’s not possible. And as you get better at writing, you’ll naturally get better at writing copy and selling products. It’s impossible not to if you do it long enough.

Software Development

I’m a professional software developer, so I didn’t think running a blog would make me a better coder. Except I coded my own theme and virtually any plugin-type functionality I wanted to be included.

This taught me so much. With blogs, you need to build as light a website as possible to pass Core Web Vitals (and deliver a good user experience worldwide). Meaning I had to learn to code without my precious CSS and JavaScript libraries that I had relied on in the past. And I had to learn why cumulative layout shifts were happening, etc.

Actually doing real-world things will give you more skills than any certifications would. So get out there and start blogging!

Shaun Poore has spent years tirelessly building his blog and has found blogging quite fulfilling regardless of money. But, the money's nice too.