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32 Trending TikToks That Are Easy To Perform in 2021

When I first checked out TikTok, I was blown away by how how many subs people had gotten by performing the exact same thing. They didn’t even have to be original!

This is when the Internet marketer in me said, “Holy crap, you don’t need any talent whatsoever to get 100k+ TikTok subscribers.” So I compiled a list of the most popular TikTok trends I could find. Simply put your own spin on these, get 100k+ subscribers, and then monetize later.

You’re welcome.

1) The JazzyFizzle

I’m going to name most of these after the either the punchline of the gag, or the music the TikTok was created to. In this case, the music is JazzyFizzle. You create a short video where each time the music peaks some crazier realization hits the actor.


#ohlord I mean 🤷🏼‍♂️ #RichWhiteLady

♬ original sound – JazzyFizzle

2) The Bo Burnham Made Me Cry Today

Ah yes, if you don’t know already, TikTokers LOVE Bo Burnham with a firey passion. With Bo Burnham Made Me Cry Today, the gag is where you try to convince somebody to do something and they bring up a valid point to which you tell them that you don’t give a shit about their concern. Very creative stuff guys.


Bo fo sho #inside #boburnhaminside #fypシ

♬ Bo Burnham made me cry today – 𝐵

3) The Nobody Mitsiki

With the Nobody Mitsiki, in this one somebody is chasing you for some reason.


Since the other one got taken down here’s this one 😢 #flynnrider #flynnridertiktok #tangled

♬ Nobody – Mitski

4) The Lizard King

With the lizard king, you’re usually typing somebody an email for some reason and lipsyncing the lyrics of sombody who’s funnier than you are.


#lizardking #theoffice

♬ Lizard kinggggg – Chandler Zastrow

5) The I’m an Accountant

This is where you lipsync to I’m an accountant while putting up visuals that you actually have some type of weird job.


Reply to @srazzle What it’s like going home for the holidays 😎 #actor #actorslife #accountant #dancing

♬ I’m an Accountant – Rocky Paterra

6) The Bezos

With the Bezos by Bo Burnham (TikTok LOVES Bo Burnham), you usually just record something having to do with Amazon Prime whilst playing the song in the background.


When Detroit floods but u still gotta deliver those prime packages #detroit #amazon #boburnham #jeffbezos #fyp

♬ Bezos I – Bo Burnham

7) The Oh My God Just Shut The F*** Up

With The Oh My God Just Shut The F*** Up, you would reference a situation where you want somebody to stop talking, and then lipsync the aforementioned lyric at the end.


Let’s vibe to timewasters together #work #9to5 #millennial #wfh #zoom #teams #meetings #tiktoktraditions #fypシ

♬ original sound – Brooksie

8) The Would You Go To Nebraska

With The Would You Go To Nebraska, you lipsync to a guy asking how far you’d drive to see the person you love. When he asks if you’d go to Nebraska you hit him with the “Ah F*** NO!”


never, dude🍑 @beeennn24 #howfarwouldyoudrive #couples #fyp

♬ original sound – Speedy & The G

9) The I Am Not Feeling Good

With The I Am Not Feeling Good, you get everybody riled up to do something (played to another Bo Burnham soundtrack) and then back out when it gets to the lyric “I Am Not Feeling Good.”



♬ original sound – Kloe 🙂

10) The Do You Want To Form an Alliance

With The Do You Want To Form an Alliance, you simply find some things that should be paired up and ask them if they want to form an alliance.


Or if you just hate cooking 🤷🏼‍♀️ #adulting #adultingproblems #adultingishard #grownupproblems #adultingproblems #adulting101 #noshame #adultinglol

♬ original sound – Johnathan Dodson

11) The Am I The Drama?

With the Am I the Drama? You simply think up a situation where maybe you’re the person who’s being dramatic and lipsync the lyrics.


Am I the drama? 🤪 #starwars #starwarsmemes #starwarscosplay #jedicosplay #anakin #anskinskywalker #darthvader #revengeofthesith

♬ original sound – Brandons.Sounds

12) The Why Aren’t You in Uniform

With The Why Aren’t You in Uniform, you simply in frame wearing sweatpants, then walk out of frame, then walk back into the frame wearing something more impressive than before.


Always ready to get in uniform! #starwarsgirl #padmeamidala #padmeamidalacosplay #starwarscosplay #starwarstiktok #aotcosplay #starwarsgirlfriend #fyp

♬ And why arent you in uniform – No context Spongebob

12) The I Want You Baby

With The I Want You Baby, you get presented three options that you don’t want, then on the final option you definitely do want it.


Anti-vaxxers #getvaccinated #covidvaccine #pfizer #moderna #johnsonandjohnson

♬ Omg so much people used my sound – 🧡Layla Weasley🧡

13) The It’s a Hard Knock Life

With The It’s a Hard Knock Life, you simply walk forward, and when the hard knock life lyric drops you get pushed back for some reason. This is typically used to describe why you hate dating, but maybe use a single ounce of creativity once in your life and mix it up.


all jokes but for real the men at columbia are 🤢 #college #columbia #TubiTaughtMe #iCarlyAffirmation

♬ It’s The Hard Knock Life – Annie Movie

14) The Rafi

With The Rafi, you simply lipsync to what the actor from The League who played Rafi is saying. It’s actually a pretty funny quote in which he lays down some ground rules for gameplay.


#genz #hell #tiktok #darkhumor #fyp #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Brooklyn99

15) The Step on The Brakes

With The Step on The Brakes, you lipsync a song while putting some text up on the screen. You basically come up with a situation where you want somebody to keep going, and then after a few rounds of that you want a full-stop.


The job hiring process is just MLM marketing prove me wrong #work #corporate #jobsearch

♬ Instructor Mooselinis Car Rap – mooselini in the flesh

16) The Windows Error

With The Windows Error, you come up with a situation that was full of possibilities. Then in the last second you show what really occurred instead as you get an error message sound.


It’s fine I’m still the favorite

♬ original sound – WorldStar Hip Hop

17) The I Made You Some Content

The I Made You Some Content, is where you play some more Bo Burnham while sarcastically showing off some content that you produced.


This man went OFF in ‘94 #jimcarrey #comedyclassics #DADMOVES #funny #threeforthree

♬ original sound – neil

18) The You’re Getting Slacks

With The You’re Getting Slacks, You want something, but instead you’re getting something else. And as you may have guessed, what you’re getting is probably slacks.


I’ll take the ice cream tho

♬ Youre getting SLACKS – Jace Beagle

19) The Where You At

With The Where You At, you simply stalk somebody asking them where they’re at for a reason.


If this ain’t the truth! #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #fup #foryourpage

♬ Leave The Door Open – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

20) The I Already Got One

With The I Already Got One, usually it’s a girl being asked why she doens’t have a baby yet, only to reveal her dog or series of pets at the end.


His name is Kona 6 months 😝#baby #babyboy #JuntosImparables #FordMaverick #BodyPositiveHealth #BombPopAwards @nickofqi

♬ original sound – TeeMoneyyyyy93

21) The Am I Attracted To This

With The Am I Attracted To This, you simply question your sexuality around something peculiar to the lyrics.


Captain Kirk knows what he likes… and he likes everything 🤣🤣 #startrekcosplay #startrektos #captainkirkcosplay #startrek

♬ original sound – Loganolio

22) The Are We Trash?

With The Are We Trash, you simply vacation someplace a redneck might and then question whether you’re trash. The trashier the situation the better.


Are we trash? #summer2020 #MagicMoment #farmlife #diypool #turkey #fyp

♬ original sound – 👑 The Audio King 👑

23) The Wow You Can Really Dance

With The Wow You Can Really Dance, I’m thrilled to find one popular TikTok where you at least need a teeny tiny bit of actual talent to pull it off. There’s a whole dance you’re supposed to do to the lyrics. It’s not that hard a dance, but it’s not simple either.


@happykelli says I can really dance! #wowyoucanreallydance

♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

24) The I’m On Vacation

With The I’m On Vacation, you typically just show someplace nice as the song plays over it.


TAG someone you would want to vacation here with 👇🏼#Summer #bucketlist #lifeisgood #hiddengem #weekendvibes #summer2021 #euro #justvibing

♬ Vacation – Dirty Heads

25) The Oh Well It Doesn’t Matter

With The Oh Well It Doesn’t Matter, you simply go around not caring about important stuff while the song plays over it. Sometimes at the end you actually will care about something.


Am I right or am I right? #california #dog #funnyvideo #fyp

♬ original sound – Justin Crews

26) The Nobody’s Gonna Know

With The Nobody’s Gonna Know, you do something very sneaky while the lyrics to the song ask how anybody would possibly find out about it.


How would they know? 😉 #dunkindonuts #starbucks #fyp #GEICOLipSync #Coffee

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

27) The I’m a SuperModel But Not Paying Taxes

With The I’m a Super Model But Not Paying Taxes, you think up a situation in which you’re usually dressed to the nines, then a situation where you’re dressed like a homeless person and cut from one to the other as the lyrics change.


Me vs real me #corporate #foryou #iCarlyAffirmation #fypシ #corporatelifesucks #work #zoom

♬ original sound – Loghan

28) The Is It Me Jesus

With The Is It Me Jesus, you ask three things if they’ll betray you tonight. It’s not the first thing, or the second, but oh yeah, it’s definitely the third.


It’s always the vodka. #fyp #foryoupage #checkthisout #vodka #wine #beer #isitmejesus

♬ is it me, Jesus? – Mackenzie Lee

29) The What The F*** Happened

With The What The F*** Happened, you simply list off a bunch of unexpected but bad situations, then ask what the f*** happened?


Story.#AsSceneOnTubi #BombPopAwards #anxietytok

♬ original sound – Alex and Jon

30) The It Grows The Economy

With The It Grows The Economy, you simply show yourself enjoying the most ridiculous luxury purchase you can possibly think of whilst lipsyncing a Biden speech about growing the economy.


It just makes sense. #itgrowstheeconomy

♬ original sound – betches

31) The Number 7

With The Number 7, you pretend to be going through a drive-through and ordering a number 7 over and over again. Whilst your cashier keeps repeating number 11, which is usually a very terrible option compared to number 7.


Currently no AC and breaking temps in Seattle #seattletiktok #seattleheatwave #wildfire #hightemperature #summerheat #seattle #pnwheatwave

♬ original sound – Lexi Blue

32) The I’m a MAN!

With The I’m a Man!, you do something even remotely handy around the house. And then lipsync yourself screaming about how you’re a man because of it.


♬ Masculinity – Cooper Neidecker

Shaun Poore spent hours, maybe days, analyzing TikTok trends to bring you the most used TikToks available right now.