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May 4, 2022

7 Best 3d YouTube Videos to Watch in VR

I compiled the list below of my favorite 3d YouTube videos.

I need to clarify that 180° and 360° videos won’t be included in this list (although 360° content can be 3d). If you were interested in 360 videos, check out my favorite 360° videos here and my favorite 360° VR music videos here.

I must also note that there are numerous 3D video formats.

  • Anaglyph (the old Red/Blue glasses)
  • Side-by-Side
  • Over/Under (sometimes called Top/Bottom)

We’re interested in the kind of 3d video that works in the YouTube VR app on the Oculus Quest 2. Which if you’re watching the videos below with your eyeballs they’ll appear anaglyph. In my experience the other 3D formats don’t appear to work on the Quest 2 (but this could vary if you use a different headset).

When you search for 3D videos on YouTube you’ll get a lot of side-by-side and over/under results that might give you impression that 3D doesn’t work on the platform. But, it does if you find the right format.

OK, with all that said, onto the list!

1) The World Beneath The Ocean

This video is awesome in 3D. It really looks like the fish are popping out at you and times and it’s really just relaxing to sit back with your VR headset and get this virtual aquatic tour.

2) Movie Trailers: Jurassic Park + Avengers

I was absolutely shocked to learn that the 1993 version of Jurassic Park was shot in 3d (and it actually holds up pretty well in 2022). It’s worth checking out.

There’s also an entire YouTube channel dedicated to 3d movie trailers that’s worth checking out. It’s not content that’s fully satisfying on its own. But, it gives you a very good idea of how good a job your favorite movies did at filming in 3d.

3) Music Videos: OK Go’s White Knuckles

OK Go makes the world’s greatest YouTube videos. And I was very pleased to realize one of the videos they made was also filmed in 3D! And I can say first hand it’s way more enjoyable in 3D (even if the resolution isn’t as great as I’d like it). I enjoy seeing the dogs pop out at me.

4) TV Demos

Samsung and LG put out videos to demonstrate their tech from time to time and it’s actually some of the better 3D content I could find on the YouTube platform. Again, it’s not super satisfying content, but it really shows off what 3d can do.

5) Tours: Marseilles in 3D

Honestly I might prefer tours in 3D to tours in 180 or 360. It’s not quite as immersive of an experience, but I don’t really need to move my head as much and things pop out enough to look real. Either way both options are a real step up compared to normal 2d videos.

6) 3DN3D’s YouTube Channel

This is just a random kid with a YouTube channel dedicated to making things pop out at you as much as possible using 3D video. It’s worth a watch if you want to experience the full capabilities of the technology. Because he really puts stuff in your face.

7) Mario Bros

I don’t know who made this but I got a real kick out of watching a 3D video of Mario Bros.

Shaun works as a professional software developer while blogging about the creator economy (With a focus on Blogging, YouTube, and Virtual Reality).

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