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October 30, 2021

How To Use iCloud with a Custom Domain (For Free)

If you’re using iCloud+, you can use a custom domain name for “Free.” (Free assuming you already own a custom domain and purchased iCloud+ storage plan for $10 per month).

Personally, I wouldn’t purchase the iCloud+ storage plan just for the custom email. If I just wanted an email with a custom domain, I’d sign up for Google’s GSuite for $6 per month or follow my guide on setting up GMail with a custom domain for free (only free if you already own domain + hosting).

All those caveats out of the way, if you’re like me and working in the Mac ecosystem, it’s quite likely you’re already paying for iCloud+. So let’s go over how to set up a custom domain with it.

How To Set Up iCloud with a Custom Domain

1) Buy a Domain Name

If you don’t already own one (I recommend NameCheap).

2) Purchase iCloud+

On your iPhone go to Settings -> Click Your Name -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Change Storage Plan -> iCloud+.

Buy Icloud 1

3) Log into iCloud Beta

Custom Domains are currently a beta feature of iCloud. Log in to beta.icloud.com/settings/ and scroll down until you see the manage custom domain email button. Click it.

Manage Custom Domain Icloud

4) Select “Only You” When Asked Who Will Use This Domain.

Unless you’re running a business with your family (which I wouldn’t recommend), don’t share your iCloud account with them. Click “Only You.”

Who Will Use Domain Icloud

5) Fill Out Your Domain’s Information

First, you’re going to get prompted for which domain you’re going to use to send email’s from. Simply fill that out.

Screen Shot 2021 10 30 At 2.58.01 Pm

Next, you’re going to get a popup asking you to enter your domain’s info. There are a couple tricky parts here. First, click “skip” where it’s asking you to verify an email @yourdomain.com (you can’t verify an email address that doesn’t exist yet).

Screen Shot 2021 10 29 At 7.32.19 Pm

Then you’re going to need to log into your domain’s registrar to get part 3 filled out. But, just follow their instructions, all you need to do is change a few records.

6. You’re Done!

You Can Now Send Emails From Your iCloud Account With a Custom Domain. Amazing!

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