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October 24, 2021

Increase Stationary Guardian Size on the Oculus Quest 2

When I first tried the stationary boundary on my Oculus Quest 2 I was incredibly annoyed because it was way too small. Any small movement I made was causing the guardian to appear and completely killed immersion. And if I turned off tracking it made most of my apps unusable. Worse, there was no way to make the stationary boundary any bigger (at least as of this writing in October 2021).

However, there is an easy fix to this. Simply switch to a roomscale boundary and draw a big circle around yourself.

I didn’t think this would work initially because my couch was up against a wall. But, the roomscale boundary can actually be drawn right through walls and other objects. At least far enough through walls that the guardian won’t constantly be popping up and annoying you.

Just remember to stay on your couch when taking this approach vs standing up and trying to walk through your wall.

Shaun Poore worked as a professional software developer for 15 years before transitioning into content creation and digital product businesses. Shaun's currently focused on providing as many people as possible with actionable advice and tools they can use to succeed online, without the fluff or BS that too often plagues this industry.