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November 3, 2021

How Many GB Should Your Oculus Quest Be? (Does Paying More Make Sense?)

When Facebook originally shipped the Oculus Quest 2’s they came in a 64GB version and 256 GB version (that costs $100 more). Facebook later removed the 64 GB model from its lineup and the 128GB model became the entry level.

As someone who was new to VR when I bought my quest 2, I had no idea if that was enough storage space or not. Was it? Let’s find out.

128GB Will Be Plenty For Most Users

Apps and games will be what eats up the majority of space on the Quest 2 (for most users). Each game averages about 1GB of space (anecdotally). Meaning you can have roughly 60-100 games installed simultaneously before running out of space on a 128GB Quest 2.

For most users that will be plenty. And just to back up my anecdotal claim, here’s a table with how much space the most popular Quest 2 title’s take up (as of this writing). You could install all of them at once and not even be 20% of the way to your 128GB limit.

Quest 2 GameSpace
YouTube VR98MB
VR Chat798MB
Echo VR941MB
Resident Evil 47.8GB
Gorn 759MB
The Walking Dead6.8GB
Population 12.48GB
Eleven Table Tennis941MB

When Should You Pay for More Oculus Quest Storage?

While there aren’t a ton of people that I think NEED more storage, there are situations where it could make sense for you.

1) You’re Playing a Lot of PC VR Content via Airlink/Steam

The Quest store weeds out a lot of the apps and VR games that take up outrageous amounts of storage space. That said, there are popular games in the Steam store that take up outrageous amounts of space (Half Life Alyx can take up to 68GB!).

That’s doesn’t make the 256GB model a necessity because you can easily install and uninstall games to clear space. That said, If you’re really into a handful of outrageously large games I could see it becoming a large annoyance.

2) You Intend To Store Movies On The Device

I have a post on how to watch movies on the Quest 2 (because it’s awesome). In it, I recommend streaming via the YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon apps. That said, if you’re somebody with the movie files who wants to move them over to the Quest 2 and play them, those files can take up huge amounts of space very quickly.

If I were that guy I might spring for the 256GB model.

3) You’re a Developer

There are situations where you can use up a lot of space rather quickly when developing games and deploying them to your Quest 2. I still don’t think you’ll NEED the 256 GB model even if you’re in this situation. But, if you can write it off as a business expense it’s easily justifiable.

4) You’re a Content Creator

If you’re somebody who does a lot of screen recording from within the VR headset it’s possible to eat up a lot of your storage space rather quickly.

It’s easy to delete the recordings afterwards. That said, if you’re going to be recording for an hour or longer then I may not want to have any anxiety about running low on space.

Shaun Poore worked as a professional software developer for 15 years before transitioning into content creation and digital product businesses. Shaun's currently focused on providing as many people as possible with actionable advice and tools they can use to succeed online, without the fluff or BS that too often plagues this industry.