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October 16, 2021

How To Watch Movies on an Oculus Quest 2 (Online and Offline)

The virtual screens on the Oculus Quest 2 are so big that you’ll feel like you’re in your own personal movie theater. Which begs the question, how do you best watch movies in VR?

1) Watch Movies Online (using YouTube, Netflix, and the Amazon Prime app)

The easiest way to watch a movie is to download one of these three apps (or all of them) and select the movie you want to watch there.

YouTube VR

Youtube Vr

YouTube VR is my favorite. Movies stream at a high-quality resolution so the movies look good on a big screen.

The problem with this app is that you’ll need to pay for the individual movies because they don’t offer a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Past that, the YouTube app is currently the gold-standard for watching VR content.

Unrelated to movies, I highly suggest you check out my favorite VR YouTube videos! They’ll blow your mind when watched in VR.


Netflix is my 2nd favorite streaming app for VR. It doesn’t have a heck of a lot of 360 VR content, but you can get access to Netflix’s normal catalog on the app. The resolution isn’t terrible. However, I’d like the movies to stream at a higher resolution than they do.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is 3rd on my list only because I don’t like their selection as much as I like Netflix’s. And like Netflix, I’d like the movies to stream in a higher resolution while in VR.

Plus, as of this writing their app is the most buggy. And they won’t let me watch Thursday night football in VR through the app. So screw Amazon, they’re in 3rd place.

2) Watch Movies Online Through a Web Browser

I use services like NFL GamePass, where I highly doubt a VR app will be available anytime soon. However, you can use GamePass in VR through the Firefox Reality browser. Websites that stream video over a web browser usually work in VR (not just porn cough).

However, I’ve also found websites like DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket App that refuse to serve the Oculus browser. So not all web-based video services currently work in VR.

3) Move Video Files Onto Your Quest 2

This is really the only offline option currently available for the Quest 2. You have to find physical video files and move them to your Quest 2. Very few services will allow you to download video files (let alone high res videos). And even ripping movie files off your BluRays is difficult (and not technically legal).

That said, if you have a video file, it’s pretty easy to move it onto the quest 2. You could either use a service like dropbox that you access on your Quest 2’s web browser. Or you could use the cable that came with your Quest 2 to plug into your computer and manually drag and drop the files over.

4) Sideload Android Apps onto the Quest 2

There is a way to run Android apps on your Quest 2, and those apps may open up a lot more video options than you’d otherwise have had. It’s an intriguing option for things like the Yahoo Sports app that streams NFL games through their Android app.

That said, sideloading apps is a cumbersome process. Reference this article for how to do it.

How Do I Watch Ready Player One 3d or Avatar in 3d on the Oculus Quest 2?

You could buy the BluRay disk, rip the movie file off the disk and put that file on your Oculus Quest. From there, you could play the movie straight from the device. However, that is not easy to do and may not be legal either.

It’d be nice if YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime offered any of these titles. Or if movie rental apps like fandango existed in the quest store. But, for the time being, none of these are options. That said, as VR increases in popularity, I have to imagine one of these services will start streaming these titles soon.


I genuinely believe we’ll all be watching movies in VR someday. It seems like an absolutely fantastic way to watch a movie on an airplane and feel like you’re watching it in your own personal movie theater.

That said, it’s currently quite difficult to download movies to your device for offline use. So we’ve still got a ways to go before that dream hits reality.

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